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For the past two years, we've been working...

Webdroid E-Sports & Technology will be a computer laboratory ideally located in district 2, the University District in Detroit aimed at engaging youth and young adults in e-sports and tech adjacent education platform.

Webdroid has recently piloted our curriculum and education platform within 3 of the Boys & Girls Clubs locations in Detroit and the surrounding area. Students were interviewed and applied to participate within one of the cohorts. They were granted monetary compensation for learning how to develop an e-sports team, how to conduct tournaments, recruiting members to their team and more. In addition, students were exposed to Industry Leaders, like the Red Wings, Ninja, and real e-sports players and teams. The day-to-day curriculum has been developed and executed by Webdroid. 

Webdroid was founded by Joshua Ashford, a coding instructor, and web designer from Detroit who saw a need for more innovative spaces aimed at engaging youth, and helping to restore safe, walkable areas within Detroit.

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We want to bring a series of e-sports labs to Detroit aimed at engaging youth ages high school-college. Many incredible opportunities lie ahead for the young people who would benefit from this program. Tangibles include Scholarships, cash prizes for winning tournaments, brand sponsorships, and more.

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Close your eyes and Imagine, that you are in Detroit, walking on the west side of the city to get some lunch. Its a warm sunny beautiful day in the city University district of Detroit, and you're just coming up on the local coney island that you love, when you see a new store that you've never noticed prior.

This new establishment has a large blue neon sign that reads "Webdroid: esports & technology" in a pixelated, slightly angled font that gives you the feeling of excitment that you haven't yet felt today. in lieu of the coney that you had your tastebuds fixed on, you decide to enter the new store, and what do you see?...

computers and neon lights as far as you can see; and Young people, from adolescence stages, through to young adulthood, communing in one area, all gaming, learning, and building community. Some are learning cloud computing, another young lady is learning graphic design, and others are gaming with their friends.

Detroit is growing, and many new & exciting changes will soon be upon the many residents of the city. As Detroit continues to grow, we need to ensure that the communities are built with young people in mind. Webdroid: Esports & Technology will meet the youth where the are, and house an inclusive community of tech-enthused youth in education and esports.

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