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Skills Needed to Thrive in the Digital Age

Do you want a change careers or are you embarking on your professional or recreational career for the first time? Take a look at these digital skills that will help you thrive in your new career.

Given the climate of the world, many people have been looking to transition from their current career, to a remote position where they can work from home. The following is a list of skills that you can adopt to help you transition into your digital career READ BELOW ⬇️

1. Typing - You need to know how to type to do anything computer related

2. HTML, CSS and Javascript - These programming languages are the basic makeup of all websites.

3. Graphic Design/UX/UI Design - Anything worth looking at on the internet have been intentionally designed to be visually appealing.

4. Data Analysis - Data is the biggest industry that we’ve experienced so to date. Being able to analyze and apply data in ways that companies haven’t figured out yet could give you a leg up in the industry.

5. Social Media Advertising - Social media is the new eBay. Knowing how and what to advertise is advantageous.

6. E-commerce Sales - Think of drop shipping. If you know what people search for and are able to set up an commerce shop combined with marketing, you’re liable to make a ton of money

7. Mobile Expertise - Your phone is your computer. As technology changes, older generations are less likely to learn newer devices

8. Cybersecurity - Everything on the internet, especially dealing with user data needs to be protected.

9. Creativity - The internet is still a new frontier. It’s important to flex your creative muscle in order to come up with ideas that have yet to be realized

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By Demonshae Glover - Co-Founder / Web Development Specialist

Demonshae is a tech-enthusiast and digital nomad, meaning she combines her love of coding with her love of traveling. Her friends know that she is always on the go! When she's stationary, she's usually looking up the new cutting edge technology and finding a way to implement it for the greater good of her community.

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