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What is the Binary Code Program?
The Spring Summer 2023 Webdroid: Binary Code cohort is aimed at adults aged 21+, who are interested in transitioning into a career in technology learning foundational coding and design skills. Often times, when attempting to make a change to a new industry, the transition can be daunting; many have no idea where to start, what to learn, or have a realistic timeline on how long it will take to learn the knowledge needed to excel in their new job. Within the Binary Code program, you will learn the answer to all of these questions and the following foundational coding languages & skills needed to build a website:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Design Thinking
  • Version Control
  • Command Line
  • Git/Github
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Binary Code
  • Career Exploration

The awesome part about jobs in the tech-sector, are that many of them are very flexible. You can also monetize your skillset yourself and make a great side business for yourself offering a variety of services. Again, these jobs are malleable, and can help you to create passive income in many cases. It's all about what you're interested learning. There will be more information provided on resources to help you niche into the are areas of code and design that each student would like to focus on towards the end of the program. This cohort will focus on the basics and help you to set a solid foundation for your introduction into technology. Graduating students at the end of the program will receive a certificate from Webdroid stating that they have completed the course and all criteria pertaining to the course.

This program is free to join, though spots are limited. To register click the link below to fill out the form


When will the Program Begin?
The kickoff date for the Webdroid: Binary Code program will commence on Saturday April 1, 2023. The first date of class will begin on April 4, and continue each Tuesday and Thursday of each week until our final capstone date which will be on June 8, 2023. Each session is conducted virtually and will take place in the evening. The sessions will last 2 1/2 hours and every week we will have an assignment due, to track our progress.

Who should take this program?
The Webdroid: Binary Code program is great for those who have some schooling and/or knowledge in coding and design and are willing to learn the business of making and maintaining websites for real clients. Interns will learn the front-end development process from preliminary consultations, to the launch of the website, and how to update and maintain it post deployment.

Why Join the Binary Code Program?
At Webdroid making beautiful, high performing, custom websites is our core; Beyond that, our goals are to enter civic engagement in our community. We pride ourselves on being the change and helping hand that we want to see reflected in Detroit. We challenge ourselves by being involved in programming at local organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, providing free in-person consultations to local entrepreneurs & business owners. We also work with youth, instructing web development alongside JOURNi in different schools throughout the year. We are open and available for public speaking events and facilitation with local efforts to improve our community.

Meet your instructor

Joshua Ashford - coding instructor

Joshua Ashford is a front-end web developer with a specialization in Graphic and User Experience and User Interface design. He began is career graduating from the Art Institute of Michigan with his degree in graphic design and since used to intuitive design skills to leverage a career in technology as an instructor, freelance developer & designer, and as the owner of Webdroid. He has developed countless web-related projects and apps on behalf of his many clients over the past 6 years. He is passionate about teaching, and aims to introduce as many people to the wonderful world of design and technology. He is very interested in finding out what his students will create after discovering the possibilities of web design and development.

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