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Top Coding Languages for Game Development

While you don't need to be a master at programming, game development can still be an intimidating industry to navigate. Luckily, you don't need to be a master at coding to try! Here are the best coding languages for anyone wanting to venture into game development.

When it comes to game development, the most important thing to consider is how the game itself is being made. With dozens upon dozens of programming languages in existence, it can be intimidating to know which one is right for you if you’re new to game development.

It is critical to know that not all games require mastery of a specific coding language in order for you to begin developing your first game as a coder. There are plenty of ways to code a game using only foundational languages. In this article we’ve complied the best programming languages for game developers of all ages, skill levels, and aspirations. Read on to figure out which one is the best for you!


Of this list, the most popular programming language – and alternatively the easiest for new and advanced developers alike – will be Python. While not generally intended for game development purposes, its human-oriented design and readability makes it perfect for anyone just starting in programming.

Where is it used?: The Sims 4, Civilization IV, Doki Doki Literature Club!, Godot


Lua is a small and simple language popularly utilized in mobile game development. While not as robust as many other programming languages, it’s useful for gaming projects that don’t require intense visuals or large degrees of programming.

Where is it used?: World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Defold Engine, Open 3D Engine


The latest and final HTML version to be released, HTML5 is perfect for game development because of it’s ability to create cross-browser and cross-platform programs. Engines like GDevelop and GameMaker have also been created to allow for easier HTML5 programming and integration, making it a great language for developers wanting flexibility within their game.

Where is it used?: Three.js, Babylon.js, PlayCanvas


Regularly regarded as one of the easiest programming languages to learn, Java’s popularity and community makes it one of the most accessible options for developers. It also has bonus functionality as a cross-platform language, allowing developers to create games that perform on virtually any platform.

Where is it used?: LibGDX, iMonkeyEngine, Bejewled, Minecraft


One of the shining points of JavaScript is that it works well in development with HTML and CSS, with 98% of websites using it as of 2022. It’s also a fantastic program to learn for game development however, with a wide-range of interactive options and community-developed elements. UI development for menus and screens often relay on Javascript as their language of choice.

Where is it used?: melonJS, Phaser, Kiwi


C++ is a top-gaming development language for a multitude of reasons, in-part because it’s one of the most flexible options available for game development. A fast and efficient object-oriented language, it’s perfect for developers wanting a more intricate level of control over their game and it’s elements.

Where is it used?: CryEngine, Esenthel, Lumix Engine


An all-purpose language similar to both Java and C++, C# is the perfect language to learn for intermediate and advanced programmers. While not intended primarily for game development, Microsoft’s XNA makes game development utilizing the language both easier and faster.

Where is it used?: Witcher III, Counter-Strike, Doom III

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