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What Makes A Successful Esports Team?

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to game competitively or even become a professional esports gamer? There are many teams that game competitively on a local, national, and global level, but for every team that you see that has reached great heights, there are many that didn't. This article will detail just how you and your friends can go from a small guild to a professional team gaming in huge competitions!

For esports fans if you are not a team player you are in jeopardy, unless you come across the secret to what makes a successful team. Esports is reaching new heights in the gaming culture and is gaining in popularity day by day. It employs a different approach than traditional team sports. However, it puts a great emphasis on teamwork. If you cannot get synchronized with a player, you might end up taking down your whole team. 

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips and tricks that can help you in forming a successful esports team.

1. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand

Every esport game has its own rule so it's essential to guide the players about the rules in the easiest way possible. Then, let them decide how to embed them in their gameplay. Apart from this, an environment of responsibility should also be formed, for example, a particular time should be decided which is favorable to all the players so that they all can gather at one time and practice accordingly. 

2. Quality of players

As stereotypical as it sounds, it's very important to invest your time in those who are passionate and serious about this field. From demo games to interviews, there are immeasurable ways of doing that. Even if the player is not good in the demo game but you feel like he's into this field and can improve, he should be your priority.

3. Keep an eye on the players

If you think the gaming skills of the players should only be the focal point, you are certainly mistaken. You should always keep an eye on their daily activities as well.  That is, their overall performance throughout the game matters more than the outcome. A good chit-chat session should be kept to motivate them and help them to make the right choices. When this works, the players get to learn more and strive to play better. 

4. Too much laxing can be taxing on a player’s performance

In the first few weeks, the players will be very motivated and they'll do great, their eating and sleeping patterns would be perfect and they might win matches in a row but after some time they may lose track and start taking advantage of the freedom you provided. This is where leadership steps in. It does not necessarily mean to be stubborn but you should definitely be strict. Remember to add intrinsic motivation to the player’s mind. It will eventually boost their morale and result in the best outcome. 

5. Catch small fish, then a shark

As it's very hard to win international games on the first try, it's important to start by getting your players engaged in local tournaments. This will give them exposure to different players and their techniques. This way it is not only good for developing better skills in your players but it will also be pocket friendly as local tournaments do not ask for large investments.

6. Keeping up with the good work

The training process can be draining as you meet different kinds of people but you should stick to them and help them in turning into the best players. Every player should be taught enough to metamorphose them into an expert, that's where real success will start.


This isn’t all that it takes to make the best team. It might come as a surprise to you, but there is no science behind it. You’ll need the right attitude and the right mindset along with insights to make the best team possible. Keep an eye out for future sequels to this ongoing series of tips on building your very own esports team!

By Angelica Williams - Content Coordinator

When not writing about the latest in gaming news, Angelica can be found holding a controller and playing whatever her most recent fixation is. Hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, and archery - though not necessarily in that order.

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